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Packing & Oil Seals

The U.S. Domestic Oil & Gas Fracing industry depend on the durability of Chemprene material in their sealing devices. For seal reliability during down hole drilling operations, industry supply chain partners fabricate products like piston rubber and molded v-packing for various sealing assemblies from our Coated Fabrics. Piston seals, also known as piston packings, are mounted on a piston head which moves through the bore of a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder tube. Environmental/Chemical conditions determine the choice of coating, while operating characteristics dictate size, shape and configuration of the seal.

Chemprene coated fabrics play a critical role in providing our customers critical resources like chemical resistant formulations for diesel, sour crude, H2S, amine corrosion resistance, etc. Our formulations give our customers fabrication latitude in the design engineering of application specific sealing meant to address issues in the field with updated technical solutions.

Oil Service companies can rely on Chemprene’s core competency as a material supplier and can mitigate risk by engaging in continuous joint-development projects on next generation technology. Operating companies can rest easy knowing that the new sealing technology developed within their supply chains starts with consideration of elastomeric performance in order to extend seal life and get the most hours out of the seal.