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Material sourcing for the Global Energy Sector is highly specialized and demand is steadily on the rise.

Energy companies are increasingly looking to reduce operational costs, improve decision-making, effectively utilize assets, and invest in new technologies.

Chemprene will work with our end users to develop new products in order to mitigate risk, improve efficiency and production output.

Chemprene’s functional textiles and homogeneous molded goods play an integral role in the retrieval of Oil and Gas to the metering of it into our homes.

Our products support the industry of Oil Exploration, Production and even Environmental clean up when unfortunate spills occur.

Products ranging from gaskets and seals, to residential gas meters, oil containment boom, and LPG/LNG Gas diaphragms to name a few, are utilized in maintaining the worlds energy sector.

The Energy Industry depends on a multi-tiered supply chain, which eventually ends with a competent material supplier like Chemprene, at its base.