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diaphragmsChemprene, Inc. is a progressive leader in the production of diaphragms and other precision molded products. Our 225,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility offers complete design and production control in every aspect of the manufacturing process – from concept through delivery.

Custom Engineered Parts

Starting with your application or design concept, Chemprene’s experienced design engineers utilize advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) capabilities to evaluate, configure and recommend the best material, structure, and production methods to suit your application.

Advanced Tooling Capabilities

Our highly skilled tool & die makers carefully fabricate superior tooling for prototypes to production specifications; while Chemprene’s laboratory of highly trained chemists and technicians formulate the proper compounds of elastomers in combination with reinforced fabrics to meet your environmental and operational requirements.

Pilot Lab Prototyping

Pre-production testing of sample materials are run in our Pilot Lab to insure the process capabilities of materials. Since we can duplicate all of our processes to scale, this special prototype area is the center for ongoing innovations in diaphragm development and compound formulations.

Assortment of Configurations

Chemprene, Inc. specializes in the design and fabrication of precision molded diaphragms, including: Homogeneous & Fabric Reinforced, Precision Die-cut, Double Coated Fabrics and Metal or Gasket Bonded.

Custom Material

A wide variety of natural and synthetic materials are compounded and controlled in our own rubber mixing equipment, including: Natural Rubber, Butyl, Fluoro-elastomers, Neoprene, Silicone, Nitrile, Urethane and many others.
Materials can be insert bonded and fabric reinforced with a wide array of woven & knit substrates, including: Cotton, Polyester, Kevlar®, Nomex®, Silk, Fiberglass, Nylon and more.
We can fabricate and machine special shapes and geometrics, multi-diameter surfaces and precise hole locations, including: Flat, Convoluted, Top Hat Rolling and Dished.

Diverse Applications

Chemprene diaphragms span a spectrum of applications from low sensing pressures to elevated forces; and are widely used within the automotive, medical, aerospace, process control, water & fuel markets, as well as many other industrial applications. Our capability is not limited to diaphragms. Any precision molded part can be expertly produced in our facility with superior quality, turnaround and cost.